the castle

THE CASTLE The Inconvenient Suicides

This funny word "Suicide." Who goes for it and who takes plan b? Dance, movement, text and definitely somebody who almost drowns.

*This work was developed in part in the Resident Artists Program 2014 of Mabou Mines/Suite.

best monologues

Best Monologues from Best American Short Plays, Volume One

A monogue from my short play The Cleaning is in this selection.

Best Monologues from Best American Short Plays, Volume One is a must for actors of all ages beginners as well as seasoned veterans and belongs in the libraries of all theater teachers looking for new and exciting material for their students. The monologues in this volume are excerpted from the outstanding series Best American Short Plays, an archive of works from many of the best playwrights active today, presenting taut, engaging single-character pieces that range from zany comedy to poignant tales of love and loss. Each monologue includes a short introduction and a reference identifying where to locate the entire play, should anyone choose to pursue production beyond the monologue. Long or short, serious or not, this collection is must-have material for anyone interested in acting. The monologues also succeed as excellent companions for the casual reader.

the happenings

A play/script co-written with Courtney Bourque Frederick and Richard Morales

The Happenings at Sogmush River or How to Become Chic & Mysterious All at Once

A dance theater musical mystery inspired by the works of Edward Gorey

Reality TV meets silent film in this story of a man's struggle with his own psyche and a has-been silent fim star's desire to regain her former fame.

An exploration of fame and infamy, love and obsession, discovery and wanderlust, told through movement, music and silent film.

best american short plays

The Best American Short Plays 2006-2007

Applause is proud to continue the series that for over 60 years has been the standard of excellence for one-act plays in America.

My short play The Cleaning is in this collection.

The Cleaning was inspired by F. Kafka. Homophobia and suicide are the main themes of the play.

Vlad - also called Josef K. - receives a strange message under his door. He brings this message to an unknown place. Suddenly he is caught in a spotlight and “The Voice” starts asking him questions. The witness Leni is called. Josef K. knows Leni as well as Leni knows Josef K.. She says that Josef K. should be punished because he is a homosexual. Leni’s accusation triggers Josef K.’s memory. He confesses why he was not able to give Leni her biggest wish in life, a child. Leni is not convinced, but it is too late. The decision by Josef K. has already been made. Leni finds scattered pages of Josef K.’s paper which he brought with him. She thinks that she will find the answer in the papers, but...
Her accusation is her punishment. Leni is asked to return the next day.


Epistemologies of Death, Desire, and Disgust in the Films

The book explores the psychological and social ramifications of controversy in banned and censored films. The work explores taboo subjects such as death, desire, and disgust in media from a personal perspective. It connects the experience of a creator with the experience of a viewer.

downtown brooklyn

Fairy tales


You probably know how it feels to wake up, alone, on a cold winter morning. On one of those mornings, when the air was too white to look at, I put on my boots and my coat and stepped outside just as it began to snow. It was falling, not in icy crystals, but in big tufts, like something warm and comforting. I stretched out my arm, and a large, heavy snowflake fell into my hand. She was beautiful – full and white, but cold…

years of longing in 3 minutes

A play

Years of Longing in 3 Minutes is a piece about things past, human alienation, and loneliness brought about by technology. The very things that make a human being lonely become his best friends.

three tangerines

A film script

3 Tangerines

Lily to the seventh power by zilvinas jonusas

A film script

Lily to the Seventh Power

the scent of a cherry blossom by zilvinas jonusas

A film script

The Scent of a Cherry Blossom

the chain

A film script

The Chain

Two guys connect in a chain of doom after a brief encounter.